It can be said that a business strategy is like a rudder bringing the business ship across the sea to reach the destination. In fact, lessons from successful businesses have shown that many billionaires have made it to the top from empty hands, all thanks to optimal business strategies. In contrast, an inappropriate strategy might lead to failure.

Business strategy creates a solid basis for businesses to make decisions that are suitable for the fluctuations of the market. This is also the basis for research and development, investment, training staff members, market expansion, and product development activities to become more effective. In fact, the deviation when building, defining strategic goals might lead to faults in investment, technology, market, …

However, a business strategy is not only for big companies. Regardless of the field, from online selling, retailing to chain stores, or large-scaled businesses, if you want to get your business going, you must have the right business strategy. The course “Building A Business Strategy” is the key to help participants find out a suitable strategy, no matter which field they are operating in or where they start from. This is the foundation for enterprises’ future success. 


After finishing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply tools and methods to identify the current state of your business and find out a clear business goal. 
  • Know how to build a suitable business strategy, and create a suitable and effective one for your own business.


Has your business had a business strategy yet? Do you and the leadership team know how to identify a suitable business strategy for the current market situation and your business’s internal strengths? Do you want to update the latest business strategy building tools? This is the perfect training course for your business.

The course is designed for:

  • SMEs owners and Start – ups.
  • Director / Sales Manager
  • Individuals who are intending to start a business